The Flower House, Evia, Greece

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 The Flower House – a lovely Greek holiday home and garden. The house sleeps 6 comfortably. 


We have had our house in Greece for 14 years now. It is a very tranquil and relaxing place which still retains a feeling of the true Greece that has been swept aside by mass tourism in so many places. We decided to call it the Flower House as it has a lovely garden with a couple of lemon trees, an orange tree, a fig tree and a pomegranate tree together with plants and shrubs including an impressive bougainvillea providing a shady entrance to the house itself


The Flower House is on the Greek island of Euboea or Evia. This little known island is in fact the second largest in Greece after Crete, being over 200  miles long (see map). It has retained its true Greek style in culture and in food and so is perfect for those wanting a holiday in a relaxed friendly atmosphere where the rush of the world is forgotten.



The combination of beautiful beaches, crystal clear seas, ancient sites, forests and mountains with the lively tavernas, fresh food, wine and ouzo provides a first class self-catering destination.

The Flower House is very convenient for Athens International Airport with the journey taking around 2 hours including 45 minutes on the Nea Styra ferry.

As we have been coming to the house for many years we can offer help and assistance in most matters concerning your proposed holiday so don’t hesitate to contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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