The Flower House, Evia, Greece

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Going North from Nea Styra


Travelling North from Nea Styra, Almirapotomos is about 20 minutes away. It is a small fishing village with tavernas. There is also a large long beach on the Northern side of this large bay and at the end a small hamlet called Aghia Dmitri with a very good taverna, especially for fish, attached to the local shop.

Mesohoria and Almariki

These 2 picturesque beaches on the Aegean side of the island, opposite to Nea Styra, are only 10 ans 20 minutes drive from Nea Styra respectively. Both are set in very beautiful coves. The beaches are deeper (although still very safe to swim in) with rocky cliffs and caves. Mesohoria has 2 or 3 taverns (depending on the season). we always use the one set up on the side of the raod as you come down to the beach. Almariki also has avery good taverna set on the beach. (Expect to pay about 20 Euros a head for a meal including beer or local wine).

Zarakes (Click here)

A little further up the main road on the Aegean side is Zarakes. It has a very interesting market on WED?? which is worth going to and then go down to the beach which is some distance from the village. You may need to ask a local to show you the road although it is marked PARALLIA’ (beach). Another good tavern is set on the beach (It’s the first one you come to off the beach).

Further North on the Aegean coast towards the port of Kimi are very long shingly beaches with bigger waves.

Amarynthos (Click here)

This is a deightful seaside village on the main road to Halkida, the largest town on the island, on the Nea Styra side of the island, with a lively square that is filled with tables where you can enjoy the local delicacy of sun-dried octopus.

Eretria (Click here)

There is an archaeological dig here and the ruins of the old city has been exposed and can be walked round. There is also a very well laid out museum with beautiful artefacts going backa as far as 4000BC.        

It is relatively easy to visit other parts of the island up the main spine road but remember this is Greece's second largest island over 200 miles from top to bottom.

The island has two main mountains, Ochiin the South behind Karystos and Derfus in the North beyond Halkida. It is on the latter that skiing takes place in winter. Both have walking tracks. The Northern tip is the area where thermal springs and spas can be found. Apart from the ferries to the mainland from the north they go to the Pelion peninsular and from Kimi to Skiros. So after exploring this beautiful island one can go island hopping.


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