The Flower House, Evia, Greece

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Going South from Nea Styra.

Reouzi (Click here)

Turning right just before the petrol station as you leave Nea Strya you climb up to Reouzi, known as the 'balcony of Styra'. As you see from the link it is so small and out of the way it has not even made it to the map. There are 3 tavernas, we prefer the middle one (which is where the link takes you), all serving what Reouzi is renowned for local feta, charcoal grilled lamb chops ('padiyka') by the kilo and white wine. At the rear of the tavera is a large balcony and from there you can look down on Nea Strya and across the island-studded sea to the mainland. well worth a visit.

Old Styra (Click here)

Following the main road out of Nea Sryra it winds up the hill to the old town of Styra. On the square next to the church is a butcher's shop which has a taverna at the rear. In high season it is open every day but most of the year only on Fridays and Saturdays. In fact this is a local farmer who produces most of the meat that is served and he also has a modern abattoir on the farm so there very few food mile and having cut out all the middlemen the prices are very inexpensive for extremely good food.

Mamari (Click here)

A fishing village which is worth a mooch round and an ouzo. It is also where another ferry comes across from Rafina on the mainland


Karystos (Click here)

This is Southern most sizeable town. This is a leisure;ly hour's drive with fabulous panoramic views. The town itself is a busy port for larger vessels. The harbour side is backed with cafes and tavernas. Seek out the Casa D'Ora in the side street to the right of the square by the harbour for superb stews and fish soup. Here there are 3 historical remains. The Red Castle which is set up on the hilside overlooking the town. The Fort at the far end of the harbour and Apollo's Temple. These are in order of interest. Apollo's temple is easy to miss as it is just asmall square of scrub in the centre of the town with a faded plaque endeavouring to inform what the temple origianlly looked like.

Again going further South there are more beaches and villages which are worth exploring if that is what interests you.       

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